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Delta Gamma Fundraiser

On 10/22/2013 The Springfield, MO Alumnae Association Delta Gamma hosted a Bunco fundraiser with proceeds benefiting the Vision Rehabilitation Center of the Ozarks Children’s Vision Services. Delta Gamma raised over $2000.00! Thank you to all who participated and a special thank you to Delta Gamma!!!

Vision Screening Training

On 10/30/2013 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM, Aundrayah Shermer and Julie Anderson-Ituarte, Blind Skills Specialist for Missouri State University, will be presenting on  Techniques for Conducting Vision Screening with Student who have Disabilities. The training will be held at Vision Rehabilitation Center of the Ozarks, 1661 W. Elfindale ST, Springfield. This informational workshop will focus on the unique needs of students with visual impairments and additional disabilities. Participants will gain knowledge regarding common visual impairments in children and the impact of vision loss on learning.  In addition, a discussion of the unique needs of students with low vision and cortical visual impairment will be described. Some students with additional disabilities do not benefit from traditional vision screening techniques. Strategies to conduct vision screening in both distance and near will be described and practiced during this presentation. This training was made possible by a Sight First Grant from Lions Club International.

Jennifer Rothschild

Magnifying Quality of Life Banquet

The VRCO’s 2nd Annual Magnifying Quality of Life Banquet was a huge success! More than 180 people were in attendance to celebrate the people whose lives  have been touched by the services at VRCO. Jennifer Rothschild, local author and inspirational speaker, shared her own story about how the “heroes” in her life helped her along the way. One of her heroes was VRCO’s own board member, Randy Custer. He was able to connect her with services so that she could learn to use “talk to text” technology to be able to write her books! VRCO wants to continue to be the “hero” for future “Jennifers!”