Optometrist with low vision patient

Vision Rehabilitation Center of the Ozarks offers a comprehensive vision program for people experiencing vision loss due to macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes and other eye conditions to increase and/or maintain independence and quality of life.

The optometrists at VRCO specialize in low vision services to people of all ages. Low vision is a partial loss of sight. It is often a loss of visual acuity or sharpness, but may be a loss of side vision or extreme difficulty with light or glare. Low vision exists when these conditions cannot be corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses, medication or surgery and interferes with normal activities of daily living. Low vision services do not cure the cause of low vision, nor do they replace the need for other concurrent treatments such as surgery or medical care, although they do maximize remaining vision.

Symptoms of low vision:

  • Difficulty recognizing objects at a distance (street signs or bus signs)
  • Difficulty differentiating colors (particularly in the green-blue-violet range)
  • Difficulty seeing well up close (reading or cooking)
  • Difficulty performing activities of daily living (quality of life)

Services provided by the optometrists:

  • Comprehensive clinical evaluation by optometrists specializing in low vision and neurological based vision impairments
  • Treatment strategies that care for patients with a variety of visual needs
  • Specially-designed training facilities and experienced personnel help patients adjust to their vision loss in a comforting and safe environment
  • Emphasis on independent living skills, including teaching patients how to use aids for the visually impaired.